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Introducing Our Hardware Buy Back Program is introducing its new hardware buy back program. For magnet, magnet holder and mag pole purchases made beginning September 7, 2017 we will buy back these hardware items from you once you have finished using them for 50% of the original sale price. For example, if you purchase a bag of 20 regular ring magnets for $51.95 we will buy back the bag of undamaged magnets for $25.95. Below is your net purchase price after the buy back for included hardware:

Bag of 20 Regular Ring Magnets - $51.95, after buy back $25.95

Bag of 10 Super Ring Magnets - $41.95, after buy back $20.95

Bag of 10 20 lb. Magnets - $64.95, after buy back $32.45

Single Magnet Holder - $18.95, after buy back $9.45

Dual Magnet Holder - $52.95, after buy back $26.45

Mag Pole - $159.95, after buy back $79.95

This option is ideal for one time use of the hardware like weddings, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, anniversary and birthday celebrations.

You will have 60 days after your purchase date to offer the hardware merchandise back to You are responsible for shipping arrangements and cost. The hardware must not be damaged. For example, the magnets and magnet holders cannot be chipped, or have markings or stains or for magnets, have a missing ring. All extensions on the mag pole must be working with no broken extension buttons. extends the right to refuse the buy back of any damaged hardware.

A buy back form will be included in your shipment of your hardware order to facilitate the return of the hardware for buy back initiation or you can request the form by emailing

This buy back program does not in any way alter our merchandise return policy as described in About Us/FAQ section on our website.